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Quad Blog Survey Results

We have finally been able to put together the results of our survey. We had 47 total responses and here is what we found out . . .

We also discovered that the some famous people around where the quadbloggers live include: Dr. Brian Cox, Salvador Dali, Pau Gasol, Kimbra, Anna Paquin, David Beckham and Wayne Rooney, and John Steinbeck.

Soccer team: Bolton Wanderers, Liverpool, Bafana Bafana, Barcelona, Manchester City, Manchester United, and Arsenal

Movie: Transformers, Harry Potter(s), Mr. Popper’s Penguins, Rise of the Planet of the Apes

After school activity: Xbox360, running, gardening, sports

Infographics are Fun!

Picture 2

We recently participated in a Quad Blog with three other classes around the world. The 49ers are in Texas, Cloud Nine is in New Zealand, and Mr. Squires is in Australia. When it was our turn to share, we created a survey for the other students to take. We received an incredible number of responses from our partners and decided to create an infographic highlighting each question. Teams of students were assigned each question and were given class time to create a fun and interesting way to present the results.

We did the math to create percentages and found representative graphics at Iconfinder, or created our own. The infographic above was created by Amy and Ileen.

Quad Blog First Day Fun

Hello Texas, New Zealand, and Australia!  We want to welcome you to our blog. Room 162 is located at Chalone Peaks Middle School, in King City, California. We are about a three hour drive away from San Francisco to our north. You might have heard of a famous writer from these parts by the name of John Steinbeck. A lot of food is grown all around us. The beautiful ocean is about 20 miles west of us. Our school is named after two (short) mountain peaks just to the east of our school.

We’ve created a survey for you to answer. We would like to get to know you better so we have some questions that we hope you can answer sometime this week. Mr. Miller’s students will be answering these questions too. After we’ve collected the data, we will share it with you.

Just answer the questions that you feel like answering. We don’t want your names, but we do want to know what school you are from :-).

Our First Quad Blog Experience

Ms. Kistler and her 3rd grade 49ers in San Antonio, Texas have invited us to participate in a Quad Blog along with Cloud Nine, our friends in New Zealand, and Mr. Squires grade 3 students in Australia. Over the next month we will each be visiting and concentrating on one of our class blogs each week. This idea comes from Mr. Mitchell in the UK and we think it sounds fantastic.

You can see from the rotation below that we are up for the week of February 28th. This is a new experience for us and we are very exciting about all of the attention and can’t wait to interact with so many blogging students. We better get to work on some fun and exciting content :-)

Week of February 21st – Stephen and Cloud Nine

Screen shot 2011-02-15 at 8.11.32 PMWeek of February 28th – That’s us!

Screen shot 2011-02-16 at 4.43.53 PMWeek of March 7th – Mr Squires and Year3@EHPS

Screen shot 2011-02-16 at 4.38.59 PMWeek of March 14th – Ms. Kistler and the 49ers

Screen shot 2011-02-16 at 4.37.11 PM