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Live blogging event – Skype call with India Q&A

Watch this space on Monday, 8:15 A.M. Pacific time for a live blogging event. Room 162 will be video conferencing, via Skype, with two gentlemen from India who will be telling us about Indian culture and Hinduism. They will also be teaching us how to do some ancient Vedic Math operations. Students will be using this space as a backchannel to discuss the session.

Skype Visit – Ancient India

Listening while Dr. Lanka answered our questions
Listening while Dr. Lanka answered our questions

On Monday this week we had a Skype call with Dr. Sunita Lanka about ancient India. She is a professor of English at Hartnell College. Students came up with several questions for her and she was kind enough to answer them all in our 30 minute chat.

Questions covered not only ancient India, the Aryans, Vedas, and geography, but also contemporary India. She answered questions about food, Hinduism, cultural festivals and the caste system.

We had three students work the backchannel while we Skyped and another took photos. Our backchannel transcript turned out very interesting thanks to Clint, Amy, and Dusty. You can see the entire backchannel by visiting here, or check out the portion of it below.Picture 1Here is some of what we learned:

I learned that Vishnu has many forms – Edgar

I found out that India has had major disasters before Japan’s earthquake. They had a tsunami in 2004. – Chermelle

I learned that it i ok to marry someone out of your caste. – Andrea

Indians like spicy foods. – Dusty

I now know that Hindu girls wear a red dot on their forehead to indicate that they are Hindu, but don’t wear it if their husband died. – Vanessa