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Tyrone the Sea Monster

Note: This story was created on a shared document by students in Room 162 as well as our Quadblogging buddies in Spain, the UK, and New Zealand.

Once upon a time, there lived a very sad sea monster named Tyrone. This is the story of how he became so sad. Tyrone was once very funny and happy and lived in the Pacific Ocean. He always put smiles on people’s faces. On the other hand his old friend, Rocki, was a mean and clumsy magical sea monster. Tyrone’s parents raised him to be caring and thoughtful. He was as happy as a monster in candy store, until one Saturday morning in February when something went very wrong.

Rocki went to Tyrone’s home and he convinced Tyrone to stole a candy store. They hold up the shop and in that moment Tyrone felt very happy and brave. Next day a piece of news appeared in all newspapers and Tyrone’s parents recognized him in a photo. They were very sad, but Tyrone became a famous bandit and signed autographs all the day for his friends. Two weeks later, Rocki went to Tyrone’s home again with a new proposition

Glimmering and dazzling, the priceless ‘Black Pearl’ was safely cushioned behind an impenetrable golden cage, in the famous ‘Clownfish cafe’. Fish people came from all across the ocean just to be mesmerised by its beauty, especially in the mystical moonlight.  It is said that just one touch from this pearl would make you immortal and be able to live amongst the stars with the Gods.

There had been several failed attempts by many gangsters to steal this 7th wonder of the underwater world. Gangster Granny was almost successful in her attempts to steal the pearl when she dug up though the smelly sewers.  Her attempts were only blocked by a lobster that just happened to be working on the pipes that day.  She is still in prison, 5 years later, knitting her latest evil plan.

Meanwhile,on the top of the ocean, Tyrone gets thrown into jail because of his theft. Rocki hears about Gangstar granny and her mean ways and he did not want his old friend to get hurt, but he did not want to go to jail himself. So, he made contact with Tyrone, to make an escape plan to get out of jail with Gangstar granny, and run away. “Sure.” He say’s. But then, in a matter of time, he sees the one and only: Gangster granny. They look face to face, and granny starts to ask him if he is a thief. He say’s “Yesss.” Very slowly but granny just smiles. “So, another thief. I am one too, you know.” She said slyly. “I have an evil plan to steal a very rare item. The Black Pearl.” She laughed. “The what?” Tyrone wondered. “The Black Pearl. One touch of this, and it shall render you immortality.” She said. “Whoa!” Tyronne exclaimed. He became mesmerized by the thought of this item’s power. “But how in the world are we supposed to get out? “ Tyronne asked, he wondered. “Easy.” She said. She walked over to her masterpiece. “We leave this babe right here and the guards think it’s me.” She started. “Then …” She said. “Then what?” Tyronne asked, and wondered once more…

Later that night, Gangster Granny and Tyrone made their escape. Rocki was waiting outside in his Camaro ready to leave. They escaped with no problem, but soon after the cops realized they were gone and sent out alerts to all neighboring prisons. On a Friday night, Gangster Granny, Rocki, and Tyrone planned to steal The Black Pearl. They snuck around to the back door of the museum. Then BAM, they broke the lock and ran inside. Suddenly, they heard police sirens. They tried to run but the police was too fast and already surrounded the building. Rocki and Gangster Granny were sentenced to life in the highest security prison known to man. But why wasn’t Tyrone? Well because he is the one who told the police where and when the alleged robbery was supposed to occur. He did this because he realized stealing was bad and his parents didn’t raise him to be a thief. The cops let Tyrone go with a warning to  never steal again, but thanked him because if it wasn’t for him, Gangster Granny would have never been caught! The End!!!



Quad Blog Survey Results

We have finally been able to put together the results of our survey. We had 47 total responses and here is what we found out . . .

We also discovered that the some famous people around where the quadbloggers live include: Dr. Brian Cox, Salvador Dali, Pau Gasol, Kimbra, Anna Paquin, David Beckham and Wayne Rooney, and John Steinbeck.

Soccer team: Bolton Wanderers, Liverpool, Bafana Bafana, Barcelona, Manchester City, Manchester United, and Arsenal

Movie: Transformers, Harry Potter(s), Mr. Popper’s Penguins, Rise of the Planet of the Apes

After school activity: Xbox360, running, gardening, sports

Quadblogging Post #3 – Where on Earth?

Hi Quad buddies!

We have some questions for you about where you live and we hope that you can help us answer them using the comments.

We have been using Google Earth to check out your schools and your communities and have found some interesting things. The students ZER Vent Sere and in Room 12  have lots of swimming pools! The Fabulous 6D’s live in a really big city.

There are some questions we would like you to answer for us. Let’s begin with ZER Vent Sere . . . 

  1. What is the best thing to eat at the Panaderia Antoni Balague?
  2. What can you tell us about the Vila-Sana?
  3. What is growing here?

We also have questions for our new friends in Bolton!

  1. What can you tell us about St. Paul’s Church
  2. What do they sell at Paper Monkeys?
  3. Now a quiz, can you tell us the name of this location? Is that a soccer field?

Finally, for our friends to the south in Room 12 . . .

  1. What does Waikato mean?
  2. What is your favorite pie at the Pie Men’s shop? We think your pies are different than our pies
  3. Can you identify this location?

Quadblog post #1 – Around our school

Hello quadblogging buddies! We have created several activities for you to check out this week and we have a slideshow to share today. It contains images and information about our town, our county, and our part of the state.

We are located in Monterey County, which is about 200 miles south of San Francisco. That might seem like a long way to you, but California is really big! Our community is located in an agricultural area of California and it is known for growing lots of vegetables. We grow so much that some of it gets shipped all the way to Japan.

Earthquake plates

We are near the coast on the map, but it takes about 90 minutes to get there because there is a mountain range between us. We are near a famous earthquake fault called the San Andreas Fault. We know that our new friends in Room 12 know about earthquakes too because we share the same plate on the earth. There has not been a large earthquake here recently, but we try to stay prepared because we know it will happen some day.

Enjoy the slideshow below made by Lupita, Mikayla, Stephanie, Ana Marie, and Cassidy!

Quad blogging begins January 16th

We will kick off the new year by “Quad Blogging” with three classes located around the world. In a quad blog, four classes collaborate to promote writing and interactions between students and teachers. The process runs for four weeks with each class gaining the spotlight for one week. When it is our turn, we post activities and information on this blog for the other three classes to interact with.

Quad blogging is great fun because we get to meet new people around the world. This year, we will be blogging with The Fabulous 6D’s in the UK, Room 12’s Awesome Learners in New Zealand, and ZER Vent Serè in Spain.