Minechat Episode #23

Last weekend I had the chance to record a video podcast with Colin Gallagher, the creator of Minechat. It is my favorite podcast because he interviews teachers that use Minecraft in their classrooms. The really cool thing is that his interviews take place IN MINECRAFT!

He asked me to share my student’s Tang Dynasty build so I gave him a tour. You can watch the video on YouTube below.

10 thoughts on “Minechat Episode #23

  1. Hello, Mr. Miler!
    I think it’s awesome that your class ca do that. Me, and my friend James where sitting down, and watching this video. I think it’s pretty cool that you got him to come to your student’s Chang Dynasty Model. Was he using a Voice Changer?

  2. Hi my name is Eishin.
    I know that showing learning in minecraft is hard so it is good to see learning in minecraft.

    • Hi Mikey!

      You’re school is awesome, I get a LOT of visitors from there. Yes, be sure to show your teachers all of the cool things you create in Minecraft. I am always interested in what students create.

  3. Hello, my name is Wyatt. I come from YIS .
    It’s really cool how you try and make minecraft in to learning. Now THATS how you make learning fun.

  4. Hello,Michael.M and Thomas.E here.
    For a project that we are doing at class we have to visualise what your classroom looks like and make a 3D model of it using minecraft.
    We have chosen your classroom but if we want to get the project done we need to have the details of your classroom like how big is it what things it has in it and where they are in the classroom.
    Also we need to know the colours in your classroom.
    If you have computers and so on.
    Thank you.
    Michael,Thomas Auroa school Taranaki New Zealand.

    • Hi Michael and Thomas,

      Fantastic idea! What do you need me to do? Shall I post a description of my classroom here? Skype interview? I think it all sounds wonderful and want to help in any way I can. :-)

  5. Mr Miller
    Firstly congratulations on the amazing news with the Minecraft, it must have been an amazing honour, but one that I would describe as well deserved. I saw your project last year with the Tang Dynasty build, thought that it was amazing and nice to seeing yourself and your students getting that recognition.

    Secondly I want to thank all of you that have visited and commented on Michaels blog in the last day or so. Michael is new to blogging (just like our entire class) and to have that many visitors for his work, that much of an audience is an incredibly powerful thing. He is going to be absolutely stunned when he see’s the visitors that he’s had. It will be an incredibly powerful moment for him.

    Mr Webb and Room One, Auroa Primary School, Auroa, New Zealand

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