Guest Author Visit


Today we got a special visit from an author, Dr. Steve Palumbi from Stanford a University. He has a new book coming out and decided to visit Chalone Peaks and talk about his favorite subject – marine biology. He spoke before a packed audience and shared his thoughts on sharks, coral reefs, “fast” fish and why fish don’t freeze in cold water and how that relates to the ice cream we all enjoy. Fascinating stuff!



  1. Timothy

    Hi! I love how you did something creative and went on the computer instead of just making it in real life. Because I also like Minecraft a lot so it’s funny how you did Minecraft.

    • John Miller

      Thanks Timothy!

      I appreciate your comments. I LOVE playing Minecraft and I really like how it seems to fit so well into my class. There is so much you can create! Have you ever used Minecraft for a school project?

      Mr. Miller

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