China Build Nearing Completion

We are almost finished with our collaborative build of the ancient Chinese city of Chang’an and I wanted to provide an update. Buildings are mostly finished and now students are working on writing their tales of the building occupants.

Each student will place an “info block” next to their building that will contain information about the building and/or the occupants. I’ve had my room open at lunch for the past few days and I’ve had a full house each day!



  1. Brett

    Hi Mr Miller,

    My name is Brett and I attend the school of Brooklyn Elementary in Comox Valley, British Columbia. I found this post very cool and I have built many of skyscrapers and fake cars etc. I would love to see more posts and i hope to hear from you soon. Cheers!


    • John Miller

      Hi Brett!
      Thanks for the nice comment. I’m a bit slow to getting around to my comments as the end of the semester and the holidays kind of crowded me out of my blogging duties!

      I love playing Minecraft and I especially enjoy working collaboratively with others. I really like the artistic side of it too – creating cool objects like pixel art and architecture. I haven’t tried cars yet, but I am interested in making an airplane!

      Take care,

      Mr. Miller

  2. Linda Yollis

    Dear Mr. Miller and class,

    Wow! This is quite an achievement! I cannot wait to see the final project and learn more about it.

    What has been the biggest obstacle? What is your favorite part?

    My third graders are interested in MineCraft, and I’ll be sharing your project with them!

    Mrs. Y♥llis
    Los Angeles, California

    • John Miller

      Hi Mrs. Yollis!

      Our biggest obstacle has been in learning how to make our buildings look like Chinese style buildings. We have been looking at pictures of actual buildings as well has how other Minecraft player have made them and we then try to build them ourselves. Our favorite part has been seeing how much work 145 people can do in a day. Each day we sign in is fun because we get to see all the new buildings.

      We are finished building now and are adding our descriptive paragraphs to each building. I hope to have a video up soon!

      Thanks again!

      Mr. Miller

  3. Pam Hernandez

    John, you’re teaching is inspiring! This is the best evidence for the power of teaching students where they’re at with the tools that are meaningful to them. You make learning interesting and relevant. Your passion motivates me.

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