Medieval China Build in Minecraft

Wow!  I can’t believe how time has flown by this school year. We have been VERY busy learning about Islam, Africa, and now China. I will be posting some projects we have completed and continue to work on starting today.

As a culminating lesson for China, my students and I are collaboratively building a model of the ancient Chinese capital city of Chang’an. The period we are studying is known as the Tang Dynasty and it is also known as a Golden Age for China. Culture, the Arts, and trade flourished during this time period. The capital city was immense in size and supported more than one million people.

Below is an image of how Chang’an was laid out into 110 massive city blocks.

changanmapI have 145 students working on this project and we are building it using MinecraftEdu. It is going really well. Most of my students have never played Minecraft before, but they are learning very fast. We are trying to make the buildings appear like they did 1,300 years ago. We have some farms, three parks, government administrative buildings, an Imperial Palace and garden, and two open air markets.

Each building will have an info block that will contain information about who lives or works in each building. We will also populate it with many non-player characters which will interact with student visitors to the city. Right now, we are not quite half way done, but we wanted to share a few images of the city so far. Enjoy!

One of our farms.
One of our farms.
Multi-family homes.
Multi-family homes.
Market stalls.
Market stalls.





  1. Owen, Melville Intermediate, New Zealand

    Hi im Owen
    i like your class project its really cool my teacher lets the class use it, but your project is the bestest construchin ive seen

    • John Miller

      Hi Owen,

      Sorry I didn’t get to your comment before you were done with school :-(

      Hopefully, you will visit again in the new year and let me know how your Minecraft builds are coming. In the meantime, I’ll keep writing more about what my class is doing.

      Have a great summer in New Zealand!

      Mr. Miller

  2. Judy Houser

    I love this project! I have Minecraft on computers in my school library and the students love it. I enjoy and appreciate seeing how others are using it. Your project is amazing!

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