School’s Out!

School is now out and it’s time for Mr. Miller to take a break. Next year I will be moving on to grade 7 and teaching history. That means I get to see, and teach, many of my students again. This blog will continue, of course, but I will be making some major changes to it in the coming weeks. I will continue to share what I do in my classroom as well as examples of excellent student work. I will have quite a bit more students and quite a bit more student blogs next year.

I am also fortunate to be able to travel to the United Kingdom and see some of the Summer Olympics. I will be gone for three weeks with my wife and I know we will have a wonderful time. I’m also looking forward to traveling to San Diego and participating in the ISTE conference where I hope to meet many of my blogging friends.


  1. Brooke

    Dear Mr.Miller,

    Congratulation on moving to 7th grade. I started 7th grade this year. Mrs.Donofrio is my teacher. That is really cool that you saw some of the summer olimpics. What did you see? Was it fun? Tanks for visiting our blog!


  2. Rick Glass

    We have been out of school since the end of May. I am excited that you are able to go both to the Olympics and ISTE. We are having a summer photo share on the Glass Class Blog. Please consider sharing a photo or two of your trip with us. Simply email your contributions to me with a brief description. Have fun and thank you!


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