Extreme Sports: Vanuatu Land Divers

Join us Monday at 9:30 AM Pacific time (GMT-8) for a live discussion involving room 162 and a class from Greece as we discuss the extreme sport practiced by the “land divers” of  Vanuatu.

Prior to our Skype call, we conducted a survey of students in class and asked them several questions ablout sports. Here are their answers:



  1. adjustable torque wrench

    I have experienced a lot of extreme sports and I do enjoy doing them a lot except of course ” diving or swimming with white sharks”.. 😀

  2. Sixth Grade Window

    Hello fellow bloggers!
    My class and I are beginning to follow you on the blogging challenge. We are a sixth grade class in Missouri. Sixth grade is the highest grade in elementary school here, so we study all subjects. We each received an iPad over a month ago and we are excited to extend our learning experiences through blogging. Your site looks amazing, I am going to have to share your skyping experiences and your surveys with my class tomorrow. We look forward to hearing from you. :)

  3. Effie Kyrikakis

    Hi Room 162,
    We were really thrilled to skype with you today about outdoor activities we love and extreme sports we’d like (or not ) to try.
    Isn’t it awesome that natives in Vanuatu have traditionally been practising such an amazing extreme activity as land diving for so many years? What a challenge for those young children to have to prove themselves not only by daring but also by trusting their own lives in their fellow-tribesmen hands! It really makes one think how strong our friendships are, doesn’t it!
    We like your live blog and the way it enables you to connect and collaborate while skyping. We’d like to try that too!
    We’re going to take the poll in the following days and get back to you with results.
    Can’t wait to see you again.
    Keep up the good work.
    Winners Education

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