World Education Games

The Treasure Seekers are signed up for the World Education Games and have been practicing like crazy. We’ve enrolled ourselves into all three challenges: spelling, math, and science. If you are not familiar with the challenge, students compete with other kids around the world and within their age group to see how many questions they can get correct. There are five levels with 10, one-minute competitions at each level. Teachers can track class and individual progress. The Spelling Games take place first, on March 6th, followed by math on March 7th, and science on March 8th. Once students are signed-up, they can “practice” all they want to online. ;-)

3 thoughts on “World Education Games

  1. The Glass Class is also signed up for the World Education Games. We have begun practicing and look forward to playing with our Treasure Seekers friends. Best wishes for three great days of challenges.

    Mr. Glass and the Glass Class

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