World Ukulele Day Skype Call

We will be participating in a live Ukulele Day celebration with our old friends in Dunedin, New Zealand on Thursday, February 2nd. Students will be backchanneling it live using the interface below. Join in the conversation!  All comments are moderated before they appear.


  1. Hannah

    Hello room 162 I bet you were all happy on doing a cover it live session. When we do a cover it live session we get really excited. I like doing a cover it live session because I can share my amazing writing to the people that enter our cover it live sessions
    I really enjoyed this post
    You have a really good blog.

  2. Annalise

    Hello Room162.
    Wow, what an amazing cover it live lesson, By the way, I’m Annalise from 6D at High Lawn Primary School, I wish 6D could of been there at your fantastic cover it live. Excited, I’ll ask Msr Duxbury (teacher) when’s the next time we can have an enjoyable cover it live lesson with you. Already cant wait.
    Hope to see you on our outstanding blog, to leave wonderful comments like you always do. Thankyou.
    From Annalise at High Lawn Primary School. (6D)
    Thankyou again.
    I will be coming visiting you mindblowing blog soon, because I think it’s amazing, and always love to read other great blogs work. Hopefuly, we will speak again at the cover it live lesson, where we will be having an super time.
    See you next time bloggers!
    Thankyou again.

  3. msbee

    Kia ora! Room 162 – what an awesome idea to have a back channel throughout a skype session. Thanks so much for a wonderful skype. Our children were incredibly excited to be able to share their ukulele playing with you. Many thanks!

    We are about to launch our new blog next week and will share World Ukulele day on one of our first posts.


  4. Joe

    Hello Room 162 I bet you are really happy about doing a cover it live. When our class do a cover it live we are always really giddy and and really want to get started also the reason our teacher puts on a cover it live is we always like to share what we have learnt in the class room.I hope you enjoy your cove it live From Joe at

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