Weigh anchor, off we go! oX)

The Treasure Seekers! (Photo by Ms. Judd)

Welcome to the first post of the 2011-2012 school year!  We began school two weeks ago and have been VERY busy in “Tech Boot Camp” learning how to set up and manage our blogs. This year brings big changes. Unlike previous classes, every student in this group of 6th graders has their own blog. You can visit them by checking out our Blogroll.

We are also introducing a new theme and a new name with this class. We are calling ourselves the “Treasure Seekers” and we are taking on the role of pirates as we sail the globe in search of learning adventures.  We are casting off the anchors of “traditional” learning and raising the Jolly Roger as we look for other tech-minded classes to help us change the world!

Please join us as we unfurl the foremast and head off to parts both familiar and unknown. We greatly look forward to learning from our sailing and rugby loving friends in Australia and New Zealand, our trading partners on the continent, the Jack flying privateers in the UK, and the adventurous Canadians. We also look forward to sailing the high tech seas with our land loving friends throughout the U.S.

Look for many new and exciting posts to appear here often as we document our adventures with digital learning. Each of my students will have their own Google Docs account and we hope to collaborate with other students around the world. We are also using Haiku Learning as our online classroom this year and will share our progress. Feel free to contact us with ideas if we don’t beat you to it. We love to Skype!


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  3. Ryan

    Dear class room 162

    Cool name Treasure seekers. Please try to wright back to us on our blog Mr. Averys classroom blog.


  4. David Eldridge

    Looks like USA/UK are facing up to the start of a new school year. I rather like the cut of your jib and perhaps like my little school (90 children aged 3-11) you’re planning to build on your successes from last year. We also very much need to do that. So best wishes and check out the Rugby World Cup, they are going crazy down under. Not as crazy as they will be if England win!!!

    Mr E
    North Yorks

    • John Miller

      Hi Mr. E!

      Thanks for the nice comment. I begin a crash course with my students later this week on the fine art of rugby. No professional players here, so it will be a difficult, but not impossible task. 😉

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