Enjoy your summer Great Britain!

We enjoyed reading and interacting with several schools in Great Britain this year. We made some new friends and read some terrific blog posts. Thanks to Ms. Breyley at Burravoe Primary and Miss Docherty and the Brilliant Bloggers at Chapelside for entertaining us this year. We also enjoyed reading the multiple blogs of Halem School and Mr. Cullen in Nottingham. Finally, we had a great time following the updates at New Invention Junior School. Mr. Miller and his wife are looking forward to traveling to England and Scotland this summer to celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary – fun!

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  1. Mrs. buswell

    Congratulations on your last days of school!

    We had a blast Skyping with you last week! Check out our latest blog post – it’s dedicated to you!

    Mrs. Buswell & her fifth graders

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