Goodbye to our friends in New Zealand!

The school year seems to have flown by, especially in these last few weeks. We will call it a year on June 2nd. It has been an amazing experience teaching this group of students. I could not have asked for a better group to join me in our learning adventure this year. We will be highlighting some of the great things we did this year in a series of blog posts.

Back when school began last August we got a chance to meet with some experienced bloggers in the southern hemisphere. We’ve made many friends in New Zealand. My new students got to meet and blog with Mr. Webb and his students at Melville Intermediate in Hamilton, the SuperScoopers at St. Clair School in Dunedin with Ms. Bee, Stephen and Cloud Nine at Russell Street School in Palmerston North, and Miss T. on the Kapiti Coast.

We wanted to make a short video for each of them because we have learned so much from visiting their blogs and collaborating with them this year.


  1. scooper callum

    Hi its Callum from Dunedin its weird that we are only in term 2 and you are now at the end of your year. I really enjoyed you danceing with us at our end of year dance bye from scooper Callum in New zealand Dunedin.

  2. connor

    Hi this is connor from the super 7 scoopers i really ingoyed skype last month
    that was really fun

  3. scooper scott

    HI i’m scott from the st clair scoopers I really enjoyed the skype with you larst year it was my first time skypeing with you because I have not been doing skype it was so fun this and larst year.

  4. Nick the Scooper

    Hi, Room 162
    Thank you for the great video. It has been really fun working with you. Especially you guys having Trev. I wish you all the best, and have a great summer holiday.

  5. Alex

    Thanks for all the help you have given us in the last year. I liked that you taught us how to geocache. Have a great summer!

    thanks Alex from room7

  6. ScooperElla

    Hi guys,
    I really enjoyed skypeing with you. And it was exciting sending trev to you.
    Ella from the super7scoopers.

  7. msbee

    :( I am guessing that you are all excited about the 2nd of June approaching but me, I am so wishing our school years were more in line with each other. It feels like the start of our year clashes with your breaks and assessments or our camps and beginning of the year activities and just as we get going, your summer approaches!

    We are sad to see you end your year, we have really enjoyed sharing our learning with you including Trev’s OE and the awesome dance you worked on with us! It is true to say, being slightly older you have been fantastic role models and inspiration for the scoopers. It is a shame our caches did not connect in this time but they may be a prompt to connect future groups working in your classroom…

    All the best for the next phase in your education – be true to yourselves and open up as many opportunities as you can!

    Maybe we will connect with the children following on from you (let them know how cool we are – haha!!!)

    All the best,
    Ms Bee and the Scoopers!

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