A busy week of commenting!

We have been very busy this week commenting on our friends blogs. Room 162 is definitely branching out around the globe. These week we are connecting with classes in Canada, Denmark, Illinois, and Texas.

Screen shot 2011-03-15 at 6.31.55 PM

Our newest blog buddies include Mr. Heinrichs and Division 19 in Canada. Their class has a cool survey that they would like us to fill out and we have one for them too! We will be Skyping after break and compare answers. :-)

Our other latest friends are a school in Denmark – Vonsild School. They have a really fun blog, and since we have a teacher at our school that has in-laws in Denmark, perhaps we can learn a little Danish this year too.

We have also been visiting our quad blog partners this week in San Antonio, Texas. They are the 49ers and Ms. Kistler. We are getting to reflect on all of the beautiful places to visit that offer us a glimpse of spring practically right outside our doors. We are also learning about folktales that we may have in common.

Through the Edublog Challenge, we have meet two new classes and have been exchanging comments with them this week. Mrs. Clayton is in Canada and Ms. Allen is in Illinois.


  1. Neneng

    Hello Mr. Miller,

    thank you for visiting our class blog, I really enjoyed looking at your blog and reading all your posts.

    I hope to hear from you soon, :)


  2. katelyn

    Hi Mr.Mill
    Hi this is katelyn from Ms . Clayton class blog I also have been busy commenting I love to comment and get a comment back its awesome . Ever since I got my own blog I have had a lot of comment and I have had to comment back but when I get a comment it tells me to keep blogging.

    talk to you later. from Katelyn

  3. Neneng

    Hi Mr. Miller,

    thank you for visiting our class blog. Today is our last day of school before we have spring break. :)

    Thank you again,


  4. zoe

    Hi Mr. Miller
    Thanks for the comments on our class blog. I love to receive comments on my blog. Is your class participating in the March blogging challenge? Does your class have student blogs?

  5. Magnus schou, Denamark

    Hi i’am from Denmark…
    We also think it could be fun to learn a little bit about Calefornia. And perhabs we could make a couple of input on our blog about Denmark. :)

    Tjeck it up one of the next days.

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