Christmas break over already?

We’ve recently returned from our Christmas break and, unlike most schools in California, we get three weeks off this time of year. The question below was posed to the students of room 162 and their answers appear in the slideshow below.

Welcome back 😉


  1. lincoln

    Hi it is Lincoln from the inandouts blog it looks like there was some cool thinks that your class did in the holidays I got a New Zealand t-shirt that had 1o on the back and above it there was my name it was so cool I also got monopoly New Zealend

  2. Shawn Avery

    Welcome back everyone! Sounds like everyone had a wonderful vacation. It’s amazing that you get three weeks off for your Christmas break. We only had one!

    I noticed Just Dance seems to be a very popular game. I can understand why! It’s really challenging but fun. I love it but the problem is, I’m just not that coordinated. I hardly ever win! Oh well, it’s still a lot of fun.

    I look forward to checking back into your blog over the second half of the year. Keep working hard!

    Mr. Avery
    Plympton, Massachusetts
    Mr. Avery’s Class Blog

    • John Miller

      Hi Mr. Avery!
      Thanks for checking in. We may have been out for three weeks, but we had a busy first week back. Wow, one week is just not enough!

      I have many students that are fans of Just Dance and I know that I could certainly use a lesson or three :-)

  3. Pam Hernandez

    Wow, the students in room 162 did a lot of fun things. Will there be an upcoming blog post on the trip to Berlin, a city dear to my heart? I love what the students who took the time to add graphics to their posts did. They look very nice. I also got a kick out of the dropping snow – very cool.

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