Blogging Challenge #3

For Blogging Challenge Three we decided to tell our visitors about three things to do near us. We live in King City which is a small town in central California. It doesn’t have a very big population. The parks here are very nice, they have no litter there. One of the parks has many big pools with diving boards. One pool has a swirly slide going into it.

In a large city not far from here named San Fransisco there is a zoo. It is called The San Francisco Zoo it’s a very good place to go,they have a variety of animals. They have elephants, hippos, monkeys, lions, and many more.It also has a great big bridge that is known by the whole state. It is called the Golden Gate Bridge.

In a town close by, named Monterey there is an awesome aquarium. The aquarium is called, The Monterey Bay Aquarium. It has many underwater species like jellyfish, octopus, sting rays, sea horses, and it even has big scary sharks. It has a balcony looking of into the beautiful ocean. You can see many seals sunbathing on giant rocks in the ocean.

We would also like to learn about our visitors. We’ve created a PrimaryPad document where we hope you will answer a few of our questions. Please visit THIS LINK to answer some of our questions. Thanks!

Animoto video using FlickrCC images.


  1. Dakota

    Hi I’m Dakota from Mrs Braidwood’s class.
    Great video. I think you guys are so lucky that you get to go to the Aquarium and the Zoo!
    Hopefully at the end of the year our class will get to go to the Aquarium!
    I really like the Sea Otters. What were your favourite animals?

  2. Josee

    Hi I’m Josee from Mrs. Braidwood’s class. I think that you guys are just so lucky to go to the zoo and the aquarium. I think that it’s exciting because I love animals. They are one of my favorite things in the world. What did you go to the zoo and aquarium for? What are your favorite animals?

  3. Celina

    Hi I’m Celina from Mrs.Braidwood’s class and I’m in grade six. I love animals! I think your video is very cool, it reminds my of the Vancouver Aquairum. I love animals. Did you know that some animals can survive with out food for a whole season.
    Do you like animals?

  4. Aiden

    Hi my name is Aiden from Mrs. Braidwood’s class.
    I think going to a zoo in San Fransisco and seeing elephants, hippos, lions and other animals would be really fun. I wish I could go there.

    The Monterey Bay Aquaruim sounds really cool. I have seen a jellyfish, octopus, and a sting ray but I have never seen a sea horse before. Were there any eels in the aquaruim?

  5. Eli

    Hi my name is Eli. I’m in Mrs. Braidwood’s class.
    The Monterey Bay Aquarium sounds really fun! There is an aquarium in Vancouver that my class got to sleep at last year. It’s really fun there.There is a big shark tank,jellyfish,and lots more but my favourite was the big sea turtle! Is there a sea turtle at the Monterey Bay aquaruim?

  6. Chevaun

    Hello I am Chevaun from Mrs.Braidwood’s class. I like your video, it reminds me of the Vancouver Aquarium. I really enjoyed the time my class went to the
    Vancouver Aquarium. We got to sleep in front of the beluga tank. We watched under water creatures. Do you like going to aquarium often?

  7. Chastity

    Hi I’m Chastity from Mrs. Braidwood’s class. I love the second picture of the slide show. It is very beautiful. I also like your aquariam pictures too. We had a sleepover at the aquariam last year. It was a lot of fun. Have you ever been to the aquariam?

  8. Kyra

    Hi I’m Kyra from Mrs. Braidwoods class. The video is very neat. The animals are beautiful and amazing. Your parks sound very pretty. We have a lot of parks here but none have pools with slides and diving boards. I love the pictures of the aquarium. We have an aquarium in Vancover with fish like the ones in yours. What’s your favorite animal?

  9. Matt

    California looks like an AWESOME place, Is the zoo in San Francisco really big? If I could go to any zoo in the world it would be this one because I really like animals tigers, giraffes, and also I would like to go to the Monteray Bay Aquarium It looks pretty fun there. I like the song you put on video it has a sick beat. One more question, Have you ever been to this zoo or the aquarium? Bye for now

  10. Max

    Hi, I like aquariums more than zoos because I like the water and I like sharks, orcas, octopus and fish. My favorite animal is the snake. Once at an aquarium I rode a dolphin, it was fast!
    bye, Max

  11. Ethan

    California seems like an amazing place, I would love to go visit California so much. I have heard that thier beaches are amazing and the weather is nice and hot. I actually never seen a little baby Panda bear sucking on a bottle. If the baby Panda bear is using a bottle for liquids, does that mean their mom died?

  12. TJ Mantel

    I have been to the aquarium and zoo. Both are very informative and have marine life and mammals that will interest people of all ages. I have been to the Monterey Aquarium several times and have never been disapointed. I urge all people to explore their surroundings and expand their knowledge of the world around them. The local parks are an excellent way to the learn of the history, culture and lives that have shaped the Salinas Valley.

  13. Darla Mantel

    This web site says a whole lot in very few words and photos. Our kids in AVID are very lucky to have Mr. Miller as a educator. I hope to see more about our area so that kids all over the world can see what a great place we live in. I look forward to watching this site grow with our kids. Congratulations kids, great job!!!!

    • John Miller

      That’s very nice of you to say. Thank you! I enjoy teaching and I think using technology to support learning is the natural thing to do with these digital learners. It is a big world, but not nearly as big as when I was in middle school. As you can see from these comments and the hundreds of others on our pages, collaboration and sharing are enhancing opportunities for learning and making our kids better global citizens in the process.

  14. Mr Webb, Room 8, New Zealand

    Mr Miller – we’ve had the priveledge of talking to your classroom via Skype and talked with your students about lots of information about your area but its always great to learn more. It sounds like an amazing place with lots of opportunities and interesting things to do, and the aquarium sounds fascinating.

    I would also like to take the opportunity to thank you for being available last week to talk to a classroom full of teachers about your work and collaborations. It was very well received by all the teachers involved but of course by that point you weren’t online to hear the applause! Thanks again.
    Mr Webb and Room 8, Melville Intermediate School, Hamilton, Waikato, New Zealand.

    • John Miller

      Thank you again Mr. Webb. It was my pleasure to participate. I’m honored that you ask me to speak. Hopefully, more teachers will join us in promoting this valuable resource! We will be Skyping soon :-)

  15. Denise

    I’m a small town girl, too, but cities are nice for things like zoos and aquariums. Do you get to go there often? We get down to the St. Louis Zoo (our nearest big one) fairly often, but we haven’t been to an aquarium in many years. Sounds like it’s time to schedule a field trip…

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  17. msbee

    Wow! You talk about places that I have always wanted to visit! I would love to see the animals at the San Francisco zoo. I really enjoyed your photos – thank you for sharing about your area. It helps your readers from afar get to know you a little bit more.

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