VoiceThread Practice

We practiced how to log in to Voicethread this week and created a simple, collaborative VT about our favorite avatars.


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  2. Shania

    My class this year and last year also made avatars. I thought they were really fun to make. Also, last year my class learned about Voice Thread and also got to use it. I enjoy useing Voice Thread, what about you guys?

    • John Miller

      Thanks Brenna!

      I think your comment is perfect. I’ve been telling my class that they need to keep it down when recording, but they are just SO excited to hear themselves that they can’t control their talking. This is a good message to hear coming from another student – thank you and have fun with the challenge :-)

    • John Miller

      Hi Oliver!

      Thanks for visiting. I’m excited for you and your new blog. We will add it to our list of student bloggers. Please return often and help me advise my students on blogging!

  3. deanna

    I made an avatar too and it’s really fun ! What grade do you teach? I will look at your blog in the future so if you’d like you could visit my humanities class blog. We will be posting to and you can read our posts.

  4. Daniel13

    Hi Im daniel13 From Pam Thompson’s year 7 class in Australia. Your Avatars are realy cool. We tried that program last year and enjoyed it alot. The Bloggers Cafe sonds like a good idea and our class can’t wait to work with your class and others. Please visit my blog @ http://daniel13.edublogs.org Thanks!!!

    • John Miller

      Thanks Daniel!

      It is nice meeting you. We enjoyed visiting Ms. Thompson’s class and now we’ve had a look at your terrific site too. We will be visiting often and look forward to “seeing” you in the cafe as well :-)

  5. noahm

    I liked the face’s too. And the way you said that you liked them was good becouse you’re not just saying I like this and that. you’re saying I like this and that BECOUSE of the detail that’s shown.

    • John Miller

      Hi Noahm!

      We had fun making our avatars and we learned a lot about working with Voicethread too. Thank you for visiting our blog. Do you have a blog you would like to share with us?

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