Geocaching Challenge – Looking for Participants!

We are about to embark on what we hope will be a fun learning adventure and we’d like to invite nine other schools around the world to have some fun with us. We’ve purchased nine “travel bug” identification tags from that we will be attaching to some special tokens from Chalone Peaks Midle School. We would like to send each bug on a quest to reach a different destination. The propossed destination will be a secret “cache” located near a partner school.

A Travelbug
A Travelbug

Each bug will be trackable through this blog and through a dedicated page on  We will illustrate their progress with Google Maps and Google Earth downloadable files. There is no guarantee that any bug will reach its ultimate destination, but it will be fun tracking their progress. If a bug does make it to a partner school, we would like a photo of it on your blog and then try to send it back this way or hang it in a fun place in your class.

How will this work?

We will place a travel bug attached to a unique token from Chalone Peaks Middle School into a hidden cache near our school. When a geocacher finds the bug, he or she will log into and enter the bug’s code.  The ultimate destination will be revealed as a cache site near your school.

The geocacher that originally finds the bug destined for your school will attempt to place it in a new cache closer to the bug’s goal. It will be up to other geocachers to move it on from there. With luck (maybe a lot of luck!), the bug will arrive at the pre-determined cache site near your school. In order to participate, you don’t need to be a geocacher, but it will help if you can find a local contact to help deliver the bug from its final stop to you. If it does reach you, it may take several weeks, or even months. The fun will be in the adventure and in learning about GPS, trackables, Google Maps, and geocaching.

We plan to have all of the bugs placed in caches by early October. Our campus is located near a popular travel corridor and we expect the bugs to be on their way by the end of October. They will be identified as school projects, which may expedite their travel a bit.

For more information about geocaching, take a look at the video below, or visit If you would like to participate, please leave a comment or email me directly at jwmiller at kcusd dot org. We have nine bugs available and would prefer they travel outside of California, but we will consider other options or interesting variations.


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    • Natalie Hutchins

      I am creating a new blog this year. I am an intensive English teacher for grades 3-5. My students are learning to speak English and are from various countries. I have them for 3 hours a day in a reading and writing class. I would like information on your quest. I think it will be “fun” for them and to experience different parts of the world and provide continous topics to write and respond to often. I have 8 students at a variety of levels. I love your site! Thanks for your help. I am also looking for a partner classroom to help my students as “compartameintos” or commontarios; these are other students to help them learn English, that may also want to learn Spanish from my students ;’}

  3. Madmomma72

    I hope that one of the travel bugs passes through northern Wisconsin so I can help it on its way! Looking forward to watching the tracking on your bugs. Good luck and have fun with this project!

    • John Miller

      Thanks for the comment! We do have a bug headed out next week that is heading north of Chicago, so perhaps you might see it. We are still looking for schools interested, so let me know if you know of any.

      Thanks again,

      Mr. Miller

    • John Miller

      Hi Jaden,

      I agree, geocaching can be really hard, but that is also why I like it. It makes you really think about your surroundings and notice things that you might not otherwise see.

  4. Kieran

    Hi it’s Kieran here!

    Geocaching sounds awesome.
    It would be cool to find treasure out in the unknown.
    It would be cool if someone put gold or diamonds in their cache.
    If my family had a GPS device then I think that we might want to give Geocaching a try. Hope to hear from you soon.

    melville room 8 :)

    • John Miller

      Hi Kieran,

      Thanks for the comment! Geocaching is a lot of fun. It is a great reason to get outside (and away from the computer) once in awhile :-).

      Sometimes people do put something really nice in a cache, but that is usually for the first person to find it – kind of like a reward.

  5. Sam Graunke

    Hi Mr Miller, jake from my grade really liked looking at your blog – he thought it was really fun. He really enjoys looking at maps. We would love to join your activity if there are any places left – since we are on the other side of the world it could be interesting to see how your experiment would pan out.

    many thanks, Sam Graunke, Kallista Primary, Australia
    and Jake (Yr 5 student)

  6. jake and sam

    Hi Mr Miller, looks like a pretty fun blog to look at. Jake from my grade really liked looking at your map – we would love our grade to get involved in this activity. count us in!

  7. Mrs. Ratzel

    We would like to help you move these bugs along. We could be an excellent crossroads for your class since we live in the middle of the country. Some of our classmates have done geocaching with their families and have really enjoyed the fun of the hunt and finding the “treasure”.

    Please let us know if we could help in your adventure. Best of luck.

  8. msbee

    Hello! Geocaching has been on my list of things to learn and I never quite get to it! The Scoopers in Dunedin would be very keen to join this project if the NZ school year fits with your project. Our final term for this year runs from mid October to Mid December and then our new school year (same term as camp) begins at the beginning of february. Let me know what you think.

  9. Jan Smith

    How can I resist? We are in! We are outside of California so the bug will have some distance to go. Way cool.

    Please thank Ganesha, Sandy, Madison, and Nathalie for their lovely comments. We look forward to connecting with you this year!

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