Blood On the Dance Floor

Have you ever heard of  Blood On the Dance Floor? Blood on the Dance Floor is my favorite band in the whole galaxy. If you haven’t heard of them, well let me tell you about them. The “B” stands for “Blood”. The “O” is for “On”. The “The” is just “The”. The “D” is for “Dance”. Finally the “F” is for “Floor”. That spells out “BOTDF”. BOTDF is short for Blood on The Dance Floor. Little people know about Blood on the Dance Floor or people just do not like them.

the vanity Ladies and Gentlemen the amazing, hot, cute, also the first member Dahvie Vanity! Dahvie Vanity is the one that always sings. He is 25 years-old and his birthday is on September 3rd. Blood On The Dance Floor had a recent member named Garrett Ecstasy, he got kicked out of BOTDF for some reasons. Dahvie dated Ecstasy’s sister and that’s how Garrett and him met. Garrett helped out in the “It’s Hard to be a Diamond in a Rhinestone World”, album and they both collided then made Extended Play’s .There is not much to learn about him, only when it’s comes to his music.

jayy againThen there is the amazing and cool hair  Jayy Von Monroe joined about last year. BOTDF  have been playing for about 3 years now. There was a pause on the “Party On Tour”, with BOTDF because it was the time that Garret Ecatasy got kicked out of the band.The second member is Jayy Von Monroe. He is about 20 or 19 years-old and as always, there not much to learn from him only his music. Dahvie Vanity and Jayy Von Monroe don’t really release any personal information.

People don’t like Blood on the Dance Floor because they say that they are to violent (not true), ugly (not true), crazy (not true), crazy hair (not true), make-up (not true), do not dress properly(not true), and just don’t fit a “regular” person’s type of music. Well those people do not know what real music is. People just say that they “love” Blood On The Dance Floor just because they like 2 songs which is so wrong.

jeffree star -n- botdfBlood On The Dance Floor have AMAZING music. They only have 2 albums and they going to make another album called “EPIC”, coming out this Fall of 2010. They have amazing concerts. Some snippets of the songs in the up-coming album “EPIC”, have been released, but they are not yet the full versions. Blood On The Dance Floor also have Extended Plays have been out, which are amazing like always. They have also released a new “EPIC” song called “Candyland”, it’s really well singed by the amazing and adorable Dahvie Vanity and Jayy Von Monroe. That’s all the information I could provide, for now. So remember “Shhh!!! Do not tell any one about Blood On The Dance Floor!”. BOTDF FOR LIFE!!!!!!

(The guy with the pink hair is Jeffree Star and yes he is a GUY!!!!)


  1. Ptolemy

    Omg! I love BOTDF! There really unique and have a different taste in style(: I can’t wait to see them in Bakersfeild!
    Great Blog!

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